Accessories in your deal

Accessories You Can Add In Your Deal

In South Carolina where Palmetto Boat Sales is located there is a cap on taxes upon purchasing a vehicle; which a boat is classified as. It is often recommended if this is your first boat or if there are many options that you want to add onto your boat it is good to add them into the deal. This way you aren’t being hit with all the taxes involved with purchasing those items later.

Most people end up purchasing electronics for their boat at this stage where we will help the customer pick out the desired electronics for the type of boating they will be doing. After purchase of the electronics our certified installers will install the electronics in the desired layout/location that you would like.

Palmetto Boat Sales also has full access to a wide array of different boat accessories. These accessories span from lifejackets to downriggers, trolling motors to fenders. You name it we can get it for you and have it put on the boat for you at time of delivery.

A new item that we have been partnering with Haddrell’s Point Tackle here in Charleston is fishing tackle packages. Since many of our customers are often buying fishing boats, it is very convenient rather than going to the tackle shop and dumping lots of money on tackle and paying the taxes associated with that purchase we make it easy to put the tackle into the deal to avoid the taxes, which ends up saving you money up front.

The tackle packages at Haddrell’s Point Tackle are completely customizable as well, so no matter what boat or what style of fishing you would like we can help set you up for success with all the right gear you need.

Some people also add in motor services to their deal to save on the tax and so they don’t have to worry about paying for a service or two on their motors.

Just about anything for your boat we can work into the deal. Though by doing so you are saving money on taxes, this will increase the sale price (your loan amount); just to clear the air on any kind of confusion.

If you have any further questions about what can and can’t be added to your boat deal, or how boat deals work please feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help.