Q: How do I begin my boat buying search? 
A: The first thing you will want to do is establish your budget and address what kind of activities that you will be doing with the boat you are looking for.

Q: What kinds of finance options are available when purchasing a boat? 
A: Many dealerships have in-house finance options which take the stress of boat lending out of the picture for the customer. You can also go to a marine lender who specializes in marine finance or if you have a good connection with your local bank you can always go that route.
Q: What should I check before trailering my boat?
A: When checking your boat and trailer you want to make sure all electrical components are tucked down out of the way and everything is secure in your boat. You will want to make sure that your trailer is hooked up to the truck properly, that your trailer lights are working; there is good air pressure in each tire, and make sure there is grease in the bearings.

Q: What kind of costs go with purchasing a boat? 
A: Along with your boat loan, there are also insurance costs. Depending on where you live you might also need a place to store the boat, which would be an additional cost. There are also maintenance costs affiliated with owning a boat and repairs to be made over time with wear and tear on the vessel.